Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is the process of managing the mobility of the enterprise IT environment, characterized by a high level of security, reliability, and power. The aim of EMM is to build optimal interaction of mobile devices operating in the IT infrastructure, which in any way affect the business processes of the enterprise.

IT Infrastructure Management

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EMM allows you to:

  • to assess risks and build a strategy for their prevention (concerns exclusively the security and usability of various mobile devices and applications that are installed on them)
  • protect confidential information from accidental deletion or theft
  • control employees centrally
  • separate corporate data from personal data
  • to establish effective remote work
  • react quickly to any changes in the technological environment

In a standard sense, EMM consists of an application portal, a tool for working with data, as well as solutions to ensure the security of this data. The scale and “power” of EMM depends on the specific platform chosen and its capabilities.

The interaction between all elements of the IT environment is implemented using the API. On the application portal, employees can download the necessary applications to increase productivity (browser, calendar, text editor, etc.).

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