3D VDI as a Service - GPU DaaS - Take remote work to the next level with the NVIDIA A16

Experience with virtualization since 2008
VMware Horizon-based VDI
99,95% SLA
8 Tier III level Data Centers in 8 countries
Access from any device from anywhere in the world

Advantages of 3D VDI

Work from anywhere in the world

Organize remote employees and geo-distributed teams

Equipment savings

Work from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Protection of company data

Control employee access to corporate data

Data Safety

Protect your data from disruption in the event of equipment failure

Usage scenarios

Remote employees

With VDI, employees can work remotely and access only the information and tools they need

Geo-distributed teams

VDI infrastructure allows all team members to stay connected and access company resources from anywhere in the world

Access for contractors and partners

With VDI, you can give contractors access to workstations with specialized software from their own devices without the risk of losing licenses or equipment

Graphics-intensive programs

VDI technology allows you to work efficiently with graphics-intensive 2D and 3D design programs and provide low overheads

Cost reductions

Businesses can use VDI to reduce the cost of organizing physical workplaces: renting an office, buying equipment and furniture



ITGLOBAL.COM has been successfully operating in the market of cloud services since 2008.

The company has 8 data centers in 8 countries and works with 50+ partners and 1000+ enterprise customers worldwide.

ITGLOBAL.COM — VMware Service Provider Partner.

VMware's VSPP program was developed specifically for ITGLOBAL.COM and laid the foundation for building a new service in IT and business in general
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Hardware in use


The NVIDIA A16, combined with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software, provides virtual desktops and workstations with the power and performance to run heavyweight programs and design and engineering projects from anywhere in the world.

The graphics card is designed specifically for high-density VDI infrastructure and utilizes NVIDIA Ampere architecture. It delivers higher user density than the previous generation and the best possible user experience.

Cisco UCS B200 M5 Server

The Cisco UCS B200 M5 blade server is the main workhorse of the data center. With half the module width, the B200 M5 provides the performance, versatility, and data center density required for multi-tiered and distributed applications.

Server Features:

  • 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6248R (24 cores, 3.0GHz)
  • 1 TB DDR4 2933MHz RDIMM
  • Cisco UCS VIC (2x40GbE)
VStack-R Server

The vStack-R-SL201-D25RE is a high-speed 2U rackmount server that is ideal for a wide range of enterprise workloads that include: IT and web infrastructure, high-performance virtualized environments, and databases. It supports the installation of modern generation Intel Scalable Gen2 processors.

Server Features

  • 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6248R (24 cores, 3.0GHz)
  • 1 TB DDR4 RDIMM 3200MHz
Netapp Storage

ITGLOBAL.COM uses a storage cluster based on the older NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) models, including the A700.
The systems are presented as a cluster configuration of 2 controllers, if necessary, each storage system can be scaled up to 12 controllers.
NetApp FAS and E-series storage is used for backup.

Technical features

Double the user density

Graphics graphics cards are specifically designed for VDI and support up to 64 simultaneous users on a single board in a dual-slot form factor

High resolution display

Supports multiple high-resolution monitors (up to two 4K or one 5K) for maximum performance and photorealistic quality

Twice the throughput of the encoder

The encoder bandwidth is twice as high as the previous generation M10. This provides the multi-user performance required for streaming video and multimedia

High quality video

Support for the latest codecs, including H.265 encoding/decoding, VP9 and AV1 decoding, provides high quality video

PCI Express Gen 4

Supports PCI Express Gen 4 data transfer speeds from CPU memory for data-intensive tasks

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture

Graphics cards include NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based CUDA® cores, second-generation RT cores, and third-generation Tensor cores, providing the flexibility to host VDI based on NVIDIA RTX™ Virtual Workstation (vWS) software or utilize unused VDI resources to run compute workloads.

Advantages of the NVIDIA A16

Built for accelerated VDI

The graphics card is optimized for user density and, when combined with NVIDIA vPC software, provides graphics-rich virtual desktops accessible from anywhere in the world

Available Virtual Workstations

Provides a per-user framebuffer for entry-level virtual workstations running NVIDIA RTX vWS software that run workloads such as computer-aided design (CAD) workloads

Flexible support for different types of users

The unique four-GPU board design allows you to create user profiles of different sizes and types, such as virtual PCs and virtual workstations, on a single board

Excellent User Experience

Delivers higher frame rates and lower end-user latency than CPU-only VDI, resulting in faster application response and a user experience indistinguishable from a real PC


GPU memory
4x 16 GB GDDR6 with error correction code (ECC)
Memory bandwidth
GPU 4x 200 GB/s
Software Support
vGPU NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC), NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps), NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS) и NVIDIA AI Enterprise
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