Data Center Engineering Solutions — an integrated approach to creating data center engineering infrastructure

What services are included in data center engineering solutions

Survey of existing infrastructure

System design

Supply of equipment

Installation work


Technical maintenance

ITGLOBAL.COM provides equipment for your infrastructure

  • Shielding equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Diesel-generator sets
  • Conditioning
  • Structured cabling systems
  • Fire suppression
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction
  • Access control and management systems
  • Lighting
  • Hot/cold corridors
  • Dispatching
  • Video surveillance
Изображение серверов

Advantages of ITGLOBAL.COM data center engineering solutions


Reduce costs and risks through continuity and resilience of critical system operations


Reduced implementation time for all engineering systems


The design phase helps to get rid of technically unsound engineering solutions, lack of systems and redundancy of systems


Reduction of the TCO parameter (total cost of investment) due to flexible scaling of the solution


An integrated approach ensures that all components are fully compatible and therefore maximize efficiency

Solutions based on a single module

Container data center

A container data center consists of racks of equipment housed in standard ISO containers that are used for logistics. Mobile
data centers can be easily transported by road, sea, rail or air.

Minimal site requirements:

  • from 2 to 24 racks;
  • up to 240 kW;
  • size from 15 to 40 feet;
  • module height 3225 mm, width 3400 mm

Modular Data Center

A modular data center is assembled in blocks – by adding more modules, they can scale from a single server room to any area.

  • IT-modules – for placement of IT equipment, forming a machine room.
  • Energomodules – data center power supply modules, including panel equipment, UPS and batteries, DGU.
  • Hydromodules – modules with overhead groups, accumulator tanks, water treatment and automation systems.
  • Cooling units.
  • Certification level of TIER III data centers.

Our customers

Data Center Engineering Solutions.
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We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by the company ITGLOBAL.COM. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend ITGLOBAL.COM virtual machine rental as a flexible solution that allows you to avoid substantial costs in building your own infrastructure.
Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has allowed us to offer a high quality infrastructure to accountants and avoid capital expenditures.
Murat Kenebaev
CEO CloudTek
As part of the project, CloudTek received a small amount of server and network equipment to provide fault-tolerant service. But we, as a provider, are now actively developing, so our hardware fleet will only grow in the near future
Richard Gayler
Since we are focused on developing the final product, it has become unprofitable over time to spend effort on maintaining the IT infrastructure ourselves. I think any such project needs a partner who will help build a reliable infrastructure foundation and provide round-the-clock support. And we will be able to do our own thing: to develop and improve the service. ITGLOBAL.COM has become such a partner for us.
Our customers

Data Center Engineering Solutions.
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