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Remote desktop services

"Remote Desktop Service" or "collaborative terminal server" is a technology for organizing virtual desktops within a single operating system on a single virtual or dedicated server. On the RDS terminal server, users have access to a single environment and shared resources.

Use Cases

Remote employees

With a terminal server, employees can work from home or traveling and access only the information and tools they need

Geo-distributed teams

A terminal server allows all team members to stay connected and have access to company resources from anywhere in the world

Access for contractors and partners

With a terminal server, you can give contractors access to the software they need to work from their own devices without the risk of losing equipment or licenses


Virtual workspaces are suitable for new or temporary projects, no office or PC will be required for the team to work together

Cost reduction

With RDS, businesses can reduce the costs of organizing physical workplaces: renting an office, buying equipment and furniture

Working from any part of the world

Organize remote employees and geo-distributed teams.

Hardware savings

Work from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Company data protection

Control employee access to corporate data.


Protect your data from disruption in the event of equipment failure.


ITGLOBAL.COM has been successfully operating in the market of cloud services since 2008.

The company has 8 data centers in 8 countries and works with 50+ partners and 1000+ corporate customers worldwide

ITGLOBAL.COM — VMware Service Provider Partner.

VMware's VSPP program was developed specifically for ITGLOBAL.COM and laid the foundation for building a new service in IT and business in general

Benefits of RDS


Single point of service and centralized infrastructure control from a common control panel.


There is no need to install or update the software separately on each virtual machine, as the software is installed once on the server.


Reduced licensing costs.


Suitable for companies of any size whose employees work in a shared environment with a homogeneous set of applications.

Our customers

Terminal server
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What is included in the service


Ability to connect users from external networks to virtual desktops


Protecting external connections through SSL encryption based on a certificate issued by a public certificate authority


Balancing customer connections to virtual desktops

Additional services


Lease of Microsoft application software


Integration with RDS infrastructure in another location (if technically possible)


Connecting two-factor authentication (2FA)


Enabling Kaspersky Security-based antivirus protection


Building a dedicated communication channel (e.g. to the client's office)


Logging events

Basic circuitry and RDS components


What virtualization platform do we use

VMware vSphere is used as the virtualization platform. The platform features include: dynamic load balancing, high availability, isolation of virtual resources of different clients from each other at the network level

Servers & Roles


Terminal server for 50 users

  • RD Session Host - remote desktop session host
  • RD Connection Broker - Remote Desktop Connection Broker
  • Additional software - MS Office, 7zip, 1C, etc.


SQL Server AlwaysOn cluster

Remote Desktop Gateway

RD Gateway + RD Web

Fault-tolerant file server

Filover Cluster + Scale-Out File Server

Fault-tolerant AD server

AD + licensing server (optional)
Our customers

Terminal server
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