Content Delivery Network (CDN) — geographically distributed network infrastructure

15 years of experience in the market
Own High End equipment
Management of all services in a single panel
A key service provider for VMware and vStack worldwide

ITGLOBAL.COM's content delivery network is located in several countries, allowing companies to be closer to their users.

"The Internet is a global machine that is growing by the minute. Every day users consume billions of terabytes of content and it's our job to simplify content delivery and erase borders between continents."
Peter Jilinskii
Peter Jilinskii
Head of CDN project ITGLOBAL.COM

CDN blurs the lines between the user
and the content provider, reducing costs

High download speed

With a CDN, web server response times rarely exceed 10 ms, allowing content to be delivered as quickly as possible to all Internet users

Reducing the load on infrastructure

The user load when using a CDN is distributed evenly among the servers in the network

Ensuring security and fault tolerance

CDN allows to withstand almost any load, reduces the effectiveness of DDoS attacks, acts as a traffic balancer


CDN gives resilience to any spikes in site traffic and unlimited ability to handle user requests

Reaching the target audience

CDN provides additional points of presence and maximizes network reach


A content provider always knows exactly what content and from which audience has high demand

Who needs a CDN?

  • to the TV stations;
  • to streaming services;
  • mobile apps;
  • online retailers;
  • game and multimedia projects;
  • to stock video and photo platforms;
  • to professional music labels and up-and-coming stars;
  • to programmers and software companies.
Изображение серверов
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Our data-centers

DataSpace Первый российский дата-центр, который получил сертификат Tier III Operations Gold от Uptime Institute. DataSpace гарантирует бесперебойную работу: каждый критический элемент инфраструктуры зарезервирован и может быть заменен в «горячем режиме» без влияния на оборудование клиентов.
Подробные характеристики
IXcellerate MOS5 IXcellerate Moscow South — коммерческий центр обработки данных. MOS5 — первый действующий объект в Южном кампусе IXcellerate. ЦОД MOS5 спроектирован с учетом всех требований Tier III и рассчитан на размещение комплексных решений любой степени сложности, в том числе высоконагруженных серверов и инфраструктуры для сверхплотных вычислений с нагрузкой до 20 кВт на стойку. Доступность услуг гарантируется на уровне не менее 99,982%. Имеет сертификаты высокого уровня надежности и работает по стандарту PCI DSS.
Подробные характеристики
beCloud The only fourth generation modular data center in Belarus. The high level of reliability of the data center is confirmed by two certificates: Tier III: Design and Tier III Operational Sustainability, Gold status.
Detailed characteristics
Equinix AM2 Modern data center with a high level of reliability. PCI DSS certified. The data center is part of the network of Equinix, Inc. - a company that has been building and maintaining data centers around the world for over 20 years. Today, Equinix, Inc. 200 data centers in 24 countries.
Detailed characteristics
NNJ3 Data Center A new generation data center located in Parsippany, New Jersey, 50 km from New York City. The data center is part of a network of two dozen modern data centers of the American company Cologix. The NNJ3 security system ensures uninterrupted operation of the data center even during natural disasters comparable in level of destruction to Hurricane Sandy.
Detailed characteristics
Kazteleport The construction of Kazteleport took into account the best engineering approaches and practices related to the creation of fault-tolerant infrastructure. Thanks to modern equipment, the data center is capable of processing petabytes of data, which makes it one of the most technologically advanced not only within the region, but also within the country.
Detailed characteristics
TOR3 Data Center TOR3 data center is located in Canada, in the center of the city of Toronto. Just like NNJ3, it is part of the data center network of the American company Cologix. It complies with Tier III and ISO 27001 and PCI DSS standards, and has a high level of security.
Detailed characteristics
Star of Bosphorus Data Center The first earthquake-resistant data center in Turkey, which successfully passed the Uptime Institute Tier III Design & Resort certification and received the status of an "operator-independent" commercial data center. The data center is located in Istanbul on an area of 45,000 square meters and has a total capacity of 16 MW.
Detailed characteristics
Equinix DX-1 The data center meets the requirements of international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS. All critical elements of equipment and engineering infrastructure are reserved, and data center engineers are engaged in their monitoring and maintenance around the clock.
Detailed characteristics
Equinix SP3 One of the most modern and technologically advanced data centers of Equinix, a global company that owns and operates 250 data centers in 71 metropolitan areas around the world. Equinix SP3 data center meets the requirements of international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS. The data center has also received all three Tier III certifications from the Uptime Institute, and the most important Operational Sustainability certification has a maximum Gold level.
Detailed characteristics

ITGLOBAL.COM clouds are located in 10 reliable data centers in 9 countries of the world

Our customers

Content Delivery Network (CDN).Leave a request

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Our customers

Content Delivery Network (CDN).Leave a request

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