IT infrastructure
- tailored to your business specifics

15 years of experience and 1000+ realized projects
Our own staff of certified engineers
Flexibility and individual approach to each project
After-sale support

ITGLOBAL.COM is a leader in building IT infrastructure and increasing the digital maturity of a company

We create projects of any complexity, taking into account the specifics of the customer's business and the features of the existing IT system, and implement the most effective and reliable solutions.


IT infrastructure is made up of many components, varying with the company’s objectives. ITGLOBAL.COM helps with all aspects of the system

Computing Equipment

Network Equipment

Data Storage Systems

Backup Systems

Virtualization Platforms

Private clouds and cloud services

Office infrastructure

How we work


Initial analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and business goals to develop an optimal solution

Development of terms of reference

Based on the results of the analysis, we develop a technical specification that best suits your requirements and an implementation plan that corresponds to the current state of the IT infrastructure and the required project implementation timeframe

Selection and supply of IT equipment

We provide the best choice of equipment, taking into account the specification, budget, internal expertise, support requirements and regulatory requirements

Infrastructure installation

Our specialists fully accompany the process of installation, integration and design of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise at every stage

Technical support

We take care of all your IT infrastructure support issues, according to our formalized Professional Support service with the necessary SLA's

Helping you build your business and solve your toughest challenges

ITGLOBAL.COM will offer the most efficient configuration, deploy the most reliable IT infrastructure suitable for business requirements and undertake software and hardware support.

What challenges do we help you deal with?

Absence of support

With the departure of foreign vendors, the ability to provide reliable IT infrastructure support has disappeared, and in a large business even small failures can grow into serious losses

Difficulties with scaling

Business growth can be hampered by an inability to effectively scale your current IT infrastructure

Difficulties with equipment selection

With so many vendors and their products, it's not easy to choose which solutions are ideal for your company

Absence of competencies

Building a reliable and modern infrastructure requires in-depth knowledge that may be lacking in your team
Our customers

IT infrastructure.

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What do infrastructure customers get?

System optimized for business tasks

Individual and flexible approach to each project allows to create the most efficient IT infrastructure, each component of which works for specific business goals

Saving time and resources

Reduce the cost of building, maintaining and developing your IT infrastructure yourself by delegating the task to professionals

Support despite the market situation

Our professionals have many years of experience in supporting equipment of foreign vendors


Ready for growth and development infrastructure that allows for easy scaling of the business


Experience and expertise

For over 15 years, ITGLOBAL.COM has been working as an integrator and service provider with a wide variety of clients, building and maintaining their infrastructure. All processes are fine-tuned and compliant with ITIL best practices, and all customer-relevant metrics are prescribed in SLAs

Individual approach

Every project is unique, and we create solutions that precisely match your requirements

Full service cycle

We take care of you from task analysis to after-sales support

Infrastructure support during sanctions

We support the equipment of vendors that have left the Russian market


We follow the latest technological trends and offer advanced solutions

We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by the company ITGLOBAL.COM. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend ITGLOBAL.COM virtual machine rental as a flexible solution that allows you to avoid substantial costs in building your own infrastructure.
Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has allowed us to offer a high quality infrastructure to accountants and avoid capital expenditures.
Murat Kenebaev
CEO CloudTek
As part of the project, CloudTek received a small amount of server and network equipment to provide fault-tolerant service. But we, as a provider, are now actively developing, so our hardware fleet will only grow in the near future
Richard Gayler
Since we are focused on developing the final product, it has become unprofitable over time to spend effort on maintaining the IT infrastructure ourselves. I think any such project needs a partner who will help build a reliable infrastructure foundation and provide round-the-clock support. And we will be able to do our own thing: to develop and improve the service. ITGLOBAL.COM has become such a partner for us.
Our customers

IT infrastructure.

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NetApp Implementation Services Certified


NetApp Professional Services Certified


NetApp Support Services Certified


Cisco Certified Partner

Licenses and certificates

ISO 27017 Certificate of Conformity

The certificate confirms that the quality management system of ITGLOBAL.COM organization complies with the requirements of ISO 27017 "Information Technology" standard.

ISO 27001 Certificate of Conformity

Provides for the implementation of an independently assessed and certified information security management system and demonstrates the compliance of ITGLOBAL.COM's work with international standards of performance in ensuring data protection.

Certificate of Conformity ISO 20000-1

The certificate certifies that the ITGLOBAL.COM service management system in terms of information technology complies with the ISO 20000-1 standard "Requirements for Service Management System".

ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity

It is issued according to the results of an expert inspection and confirms that the quality management system of ITGLOBAl.COM complies with the international standard ISO 9001 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements"
Our customers

IT infrastructure.

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Our customers

IT infrastructure.

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