Disaster Recovery in the cloud — scheduled replication of VMs to the cloud

Replication by VMware Cloud Director Availability.
Cost optimization
Tier III certified data center
Replication abroad is possible

Why you need Disaster Recovery in the cloud

Restoration of IT services availability in case of failure of the main data center

Diversification of political risks

Organization of geoservicing



Professional support 24/7 from certified experts with in-depth knowledge of any server OS family


Operational scalability: we optimize server infrastructure to meet business needs


100% guarantee on high SLA and financial compensation in case of unforeseen downtime

Disaster Recovery in a private
or public cloud

Public Cloud

  • Pay-as-you-go - the organization pays only for the resources consumed
  • The vCPU and RAM resources are billed at ⅙ of the base price if the site is in passive mode
  • There is no need for upfront investment in infrastructure, as maintenance and upgrades are handled by the cloud provider
  • Virtually infinite scalability, allowing organizations to increase or decrease resources as needed
  • Global availability - we have an extensive network of data centers around the world, reducing latency and improving the user experience
  • Easy management and maintenance - ITGLOBAL.COM specialists will take care of infrastructure management, maintenance and modernization

Private Cloud

  • Full control over infrastructure and data
  • The company may employ strict security measures, access controls and compliance policies
  • Confidential data remains secure within the organization's boundaries
  • Flexible customization according to specific workloads and applications
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for data processing and storage

Advantages of a backup site in the cloud

Cloud backup site does not require a business to spend on equipment, personnel and maintenance of computing power. The company leases the required amount of resources from the cloud provider and sets up replication, managing its frequency.

Thanks to ITGLOBAL.COM’s geographically distributed network of data centers, data will be protected from accidental deletion, equipment failures, cyberattacks and natural disasters.

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Disaster Recovery Platform in the cloud.
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How a backup site in the cloud works

A backup site contains the entire infrastructure in a fault-tolerant manner on virtual servers. This includes computing, data storage and network functions. If the primary data center fails, the company runs applications from the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud environment.

The cloud backup site works by replicating and hosting VMs at the vendor's facilities, rather than at the physical location of the organization that owns the workload.

Why you need a Disaster Recovery to rebuild infrastructure


A Disaster Recovery in the cloud eliminates the need to create and maintain your own disaster recovery environment off-site, which saves your company a significant amount of money


In addition to financial losses, the company's reputation suffers when downtime occurs


It is expensive to build a backup site on your own, and most of the time it is idle


The cost of every minute of downtime can be very costly to a business

Replication with VMware Cloud Director Availability

VMware Cloud Director Availability provides protection, migration, failover and failback of vApps and VMs between multi-tenant clouds and on-premises sites using asynchronous replication.

VMware CDA - A unified architecture for protecting and migrating VMware vSphere workloads in the event of disaster recovery.

In a multi-tenant cloud site, VMware Cloud Director Availability consists of the following cloud devices:

  • Cloud Director Replication Management Appliance
  • One or more instances of the Replicator Appliance
  • Tunnel Appliance
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Disaster Recovery in the cloud.
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