NetApp Ransomware Protection
Protect against ransomware programs

NetApp offers a tiered solution

Ransomware is a layered threat that requires a layered solution. At the core of your solution should be robust and intelligent storage and services that enable protection, threat detection, and data recovery

10 reasons to protect with NetApp

As a leader in data management, NetApp applies its skills and expertise to prevent ransomware attacks where they are most devastating - at the data level. Our entire line of solutions is focused on preventing threats to your data and accelerating its recovery.

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Benefits of NetApp storage systems


NetApp ONTAP creates immutable and indelible copies of data that can be efficiently and securely replicated to secondary or object storage to bridge the logical gap


AI/ML features monitor for unusual user account and storage performance behavior that may indicate an attack, then initiate alerts and create Snapshot copies as a clean recovery point


Data recovery in seconds and application and business recovery in minutes. And then the intelligent forensics to isolate the threat

ONTAP® data management software can help you to

Detect ransomware

Prevent the spread of ransomware

Recover quickly

Develop a common strategy to protect ecosystem data from ransomware

Stopping zero-day ransomware attacks

No ransom payment

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NetApp Ransomware Protection
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