NetApp Storage

NetApp is a global leader in cloud services and data management. The vendor offers a number of solutions that provide reliable data storage and quick access to them.

NetApp, founded in 1992, has come a long way from initially specializing in network storage systems (NAS) to providing a complete set of hybrid cloud services. Over the years, the vendor has consistently innovated and adapted storage to the requirements of the digital age.

Key Features of NetApp Storage Solutions

Scalability. NetApp storage systems are designed to grow with the needs of the organization without compromising performance.

Data protection. NetApp’s built-in snapshot, data replication, and encryption features ensure reliable data storage and protection against potential threats.

Seamless integration. NetApp solutions integrate seamlessly with various cloud providers, allowing organizations to take advantage of hybrid cloud environments.

Versatility. NetApp offers both file and block storage systems, which allows you to meet a wide range of business needs.

Efficiency. Thanks to its own WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) system, NetApp provides high-speed data access and efficient storage usage.

Applications of NetApp data storage systems

  • Healthcare. Hospitals use NetApp to securely store patient records and provide real-time access to them.
  • Entertainments. Streaming services rely on high-speed access to NetApp data to transfer content without buffering.
  • Finance. Financial organizations use reliable NetApp data protection tools to protect confidential information.
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