Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a hosting model in which the entire server area is leased to a single client or organization. Unlike virtual hosting, when multiple sites are hosted on one server. In the dedicated server model, all attention is focused on only one client, which ensures maximum performance and reliable protection.

Main Features

  • Sole use. Resources such as RAM, processor, and storage are dedicated to a single client.
  • Individual settings. Customers have the opportunity to independently choose both the hardware and software of the server.
  • Increased security. Since there are no other sites on the server, the probability of cross-site hacking is significantly reduced.
  • Unlimited access. Clients have root rights, which allows them to install software, change server settings, and so on.

Advantages of a dedicated server

Consistency. The lack of shared space with other sites ensures stable operation.

The possibility of expansion. Hardware elements can be smoothly scaled up to meet growing needs.

Increased security. Unique IP addresses combined with modern security protocols reduce the level of potential threats.

An adaptable environment. The freedom to deploy any software or application.

Situations requiring the use of an offline server

  • Sites with a large number of daily visitors.
  • Online retail stores that value stable performance.
  • Gaming centers to ensure minimal delays when playing online games.
  • Extensive data analysis and complex machine learning, i.e. tasks that require large resources.
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