Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex is a next-generation hyperconvergent system that eliminates the problem of high complexity when deploying fault-tolerant solutions and various enterprise infrastructures of scale and capabilities of a data center (data center).

The classic version of building an infrastructure installed in a data center is based on servers, information storage systems and data storage networks. This deployment method is extremely time-consuming and time-consuming, and the deployed infrastructure is expensive to maintain due to its resource consumption.

Cisco HyperFlex Hyperconvergent system

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Cisco HyperFlex — “Data center in a box”

The Cisco HyperFlex system combines computing infrastructure, a data storage system and virtual machines into a single system characterized by fault tolerance and high performance.

In addition, the Cisco HyperFlex solution can be called the simplest in terms of implementation, because it allows you to deploy a highly Available IT infrastructure “from scratch” in the shortest possible time. With this approach, only 3 server machines will be involved to build a minimum configuration. In the future, you can scale up to 64 servers – hyperconvergent nodes of the Cisco HX Data Platform cluster and individual computing nodes.

The concept

Cisco HyperFlex is a hyperconvergent platform that includes the following blocks:

  • Cisco UCS servers;
  • Fabric Interconnects factory (6400 or 6300 series);
  • Cisco HX Data Platform Software.

Supports virtualization and containerization environments:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • VMware vSphere;
  • Kubernetes.

It is integrated into management systems:

  • Microsoft System Center;
  • HyperFlex Connect;
  • Virtual Machine Manager;
  • VMware vSphere plug-in;
  • Hyper-V Manager;
  • Cisco Intersight.
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