VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) — virtualization of user workstations to provide remote access. VDI allows remote employees to work with corporate resources regardless of location.


The technology has several features:

  1. Workstations are administered from a single console. The customer creates rules and policies that are applied simultaneously.
  2. Installing or updating the software takes a minimum of time and does not depend on the geographical location of the end user.
  3. The scaling of the workstation fleet takes place in a matter of minutes. The reduction occurs in the same way.
  4. There are no depreciation costs for users’ PCs. The client needs to monitor the status of the server hardware and update it if necessary.
  5. Access is provided through thin clients, which are much cheaper than workstations, and also have increased wear resistance.
  6. Confidential information is physically stored in data centers, which are much better protected than users’ PCs.
  7. If a virtual station is infected with malware, administrators disconnect it from the shared network and delete it, preventing further infection.
  8. The virtualization solution initially costs more than buying a regular PC, but it pays off in the future.

Suitable for whom

The first area of application is “mobile” employees who need access from anywhere in the world. For example, a user went on a business trip to another city or country. The presence of VDI in the company gives him access to corporate services at any time of the day.

VDI is also necessary for companies that have strict control over user access to corporate resources. Administrators configure the security policy in such a way that users cannot copy confidential information and take it outside the company.

The third option is the lack of binding to hardware. You can connect to VDI from any hardware.

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