SPOC (Single Point of Contact or “single Point of contact”) is a cooperation scheme or service that implies that the customer can minimize monetary costs, technical resources and time by transferring authority and organization of all work processes to an independent contractor who acts as a “single point of contact”.

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The supplier uses this approach:

  • knowledge of the specifics of the customer’s business
  • connections with other enterprises in the field that may be useful in the process of work
  • experience of cooperation with similar projects
  • compliance with requirements, standards and protocols in the right area

All this saves the customer from having to independently set up and maintain, for example, their IT infrastructure.

Also, a single point of contact is often referred to as a set of responsibilities that provide interactive contact between a service provider and a consumer. Trusted transfer of rights or IT outsourcing of such a plan is common in many companies, the effectiveness of which directly depends on the quality of service.

Using the SPOC methodology allows you to improve the growth dynamics of any enterprise and increase the effectiveness of working with consumers. The Single Point of contact strategy is a method that reduces the cost of forming and maintaining your support staff.

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