Reaction time

The response time is a strictly defined period of time during which the technical support service responds to the customer’s incident.

The starting point of the interval is considered to be the moment when the application was created in the helpdesk system. The next stage is the processing of the ticket by service engineers.

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Since the incident is a more critical situation, the SVR (agreed working time) is also more stringent than the SVR. The response time to an incident depends largely on how the provider’s shift on duty works. For example, the role of the night shift can be performed by one engineer on duty. If the monitoring system determines an emergency situation as an incident requiring emergency recovery work, it notifies the engineer on duty (SMS, notification, call). The engineer wakes up, gets to the computer and gets to work. Considering these factors, the SVR can take up to 30 minutes. If the provider has a full night shift, the reaction time can be reduced by an order of magnitude.

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