PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) is a type of connection that allows encrypted information to be transmitted over an unsecured TCP/IP connection. The transmitted packets are automatically formatted into standard IP addresses. Such a connection does not differ in high security, but it is very popular.


This type of connection occurs in the following cases:

  • protection of the transmitted information between two users;
  • creating a secure tunnel between local networks, excluding direct contact between them;
  • creating a secure channel through which the user connects to a specific server.

Principles of operation

The connection is established using a PPP session and the GRE protocol. The second channel is connected to the TCP port. PPTP uses its own protocols to process the transmitted information and deliver it to the destination.

It is important to understand that one of the main principles of the “secret” transfer of information is not only its encryption and creation of a tunnel, but also ensuring its delivery to a specific recipient. That is why access to files is possible only when using a username/password pair. Yes, any passwords can be hacked, but the process of transferring data through a tunnel is impossible. This is the main advantage of PPTP.

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