MySQL is a database management system that is almost identical to Microsoft SQL in everything, only distributed free of charge under the GNU General Public License or under an internal commercial license.

It is a cross-platform product that is compatible with all known operating systems.

To date, the Oracle vendor is the owner of the developer company. It was at his suggestion that the commercial license was developed.


MySQL is characterized by the following criteria:

  1. Free distribution allows most end customers to solve their tasks without additional financial costs.
  2. The intuitive interface does not cause difficulties during initial setup and further administration.
  3. The set of functions and technologies fully covers the demand of most customers. The customer does not spend money on the purchase of additional software.
  4. It is designed mainly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), but is also used in a number of large companies as a site support database.
  5. Security features are integrated: data encryption, user authorization procedure, data integrity control, etc.
  6. The open source code provides the end user with the opportunity to independently modify the DBMS for specific tasks.

Scope of application

The main area of MySQL operation is the web. Most websites, chats and forums run on this DBMS. CMS (Content Management System), which is necessary for the stable operation of websites, also runs MySQL.

MySQL is a leader in the web development industry. This is due not only to the fact that the product is delivered with open source, but also to the flexibility of configuration and ease of management.

The second area of application is enterprise ERP/CRM systems, especially in the SMB segment. This is due to a lack of funds to purchase Microsoft SQL or similar solutions. Therefore, most companies in this segment prefer to use a free product that is as functional as its competitors.

MySQL is a part of the software package, which is abbreviated as LAMP. The abbreviation stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL (MariaDB), PHP. The complex itself was developed as a free alternative to similar products with a commercial license. Some Linux distributions are shipped immediately with LAMP preinstalled (or its analogues, depending on the OS type).

The LAMP bundle is designed for Linux/Unix operating systems, so for stable operation under Windows, you will need to replace components with compatible ones, for example, WASP (Windows, Apache, SQL, PHP) or WIMP (Windows, IIS, SQL, PHP).

MySQL is a great alternative to commercial products on the DBMS market. Its main customers are the SMB market. Open source code allows customers to refine the software to meet their needs and requirements.

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