Multi-vendor support

Multi—vendor Support (MVSS) is a service system that helps in the planning and management of outsourced IT services. It is designed to support businesses in managing and monitoring exposure to risks caused by third-party service providers.

Multi-vendor support allows companies to provide support services to more than one product from other manufacturers, as well as their own products.

The need to implement multi-vendor support

Due to increasing computing needs, organizations are increasingly digitizing their operations, using cloud and other technologies to meet new business function requirements. In addition, due to the increasing complexity of technological solutions, companies are more likely to automate or outsource their non-core activities.

Due to the change in the technological landscape, multivendor support is being introduced for more operational and convenient maintenance of the organization’s infrastructure. In this case, it allows you to increase the operating time, increase efficiency and smoothly switch from old equipment to new systems.

Advantages of using multi-vendor support

The main advantage of multi—vendor support is flexibility. A single provider is rarely universal and inalienable, as the needs of an organization change over time, and suppliers often choose new directions that may alienate customers. Multi-vendor support gives the customer the flexibility to choose new providers without compromising operational efficiency.

Another advantage is the lower cost: supporting multiple providers can solve more problems with fewer support calls. Since the support of several providers is usually provided by qualified third parties, competition between them reduces the cost of labor. The complexity of equipment maintenance and asset management is also reduced.

Another important advantage is an easier transition to the end of operation. Investing in the support of several providers at an early stage solves this problem through a single contact center for routine maintenance and repair of all equipment, regardless of warranty status.

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