MultiCloud is a system of several public cloud platforms without being linked to a single provider.

Cloud IT infrastructures can be private, public, and hybrid:

Private cloud — can be used exclusively by one enterprise;
Public (public) cloud — data is stored on servers on the Internet and is available to several clients at once, or can be accessed by other users;
Hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud model consisting of public and private IT infrastructures.

The functionality of a multi-cloud system is much broader than a hybrid cloud, although at first glance they are really similar.

Features of the multi-cloud system

Platforms of unrelated providers are used to organize a multi-cloud infrastructure. Such an organization significantly reduces technical risks and increases the flexibility of the company’s work. A multi-cloud system can be used both for system backup and for the purpose of using multiple cloud service providers for each of the company’s tasks.

Advantages of a multiblock

  • Security: Selective data storage on private or public clouds
  • Expansion of functionality by using the services of several providers
  • High stability of the service due to the duplication of infrastructure on the servers of various providers
  • Flexibility: more technical, infrastructural and functional capabilities
  • Cost optimization: the ability to combine the most profitable offers from different providers
  • Independence from a specific provider company
  • The ability to combine multiple environments within the same infrastructure
  • Conducting tests before using a particular cloud platform

Disadvantages of the multiblock

  • The difficulty of coordinating a multi-cloud IT infrastructure due to differences in security systems
  • Difficulties in transferring data from private to public clouds and vice versa

How to switch to a multiblock

Every year, the functionality of cloud services is expanding, and their popularity is growing. However, developing a migration strategy for applications, building an architecture, and choosing the best solution is becoming increasingly difficult. For a comfortable transition to a multi-cloud infrastructure, it is increasingly recommended to contact specialists in order to avoid economic risks and confidential leaks.

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