Managed cloud as a service

Managed cloud as a service (MCaaS) is a service for providing the client with resources and support for cloud solutions.

The service represents a further evolution of cloud solutions, as all issues of provision, administration and support are taken over by the provider.


MCaaS is a method of providing raw (“raw”) content to other systems. This service is not intended for the end user, but for other platforms, which in turn will provide the result to the client in accordance with their tasks.

An example is the creation of a repository on linux-like systems. The content it contains is raw. Users connect to the repository and download the software they need (for example, software for website layout or image processing).

Managed Kubernetes



The use of MCaaS has the following features:

  1. Separating the internal content storage and management layer from the external presentation layer (API) simplifies the administration of the CMS architecture. This approach does not allow marketers and developers to slow down each other’s work, which increases efficiency.
  2. The contents of the repository are divided into fragments, not into large pages. The structure of the design and layout of the content is removed, which makes it easier to provide content to the client.
  3. Separating the levels of data representation makes it easier to create interfaces (APIs) for end users to work with content. You can create both individual and group interfaces.
  4. The data is centralized, which means that the customer has no duplication of information.

CaaS Users

The service is ideal for organizations that develop software and for content creators.

The former upload data to a centralized storage in the form of containers (for example, managed k8s). Further changes or debugging take place in a single information space.

Content creators use a single information storage platform to upload data in the form of fragments. This approach increases the efficiency and speed of work.

In both versions, the service supports multichannel, which allows you to use several customer coverage channels at the same time, for example, the web, mobile equipment, IoT devices, etc.

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