IT Cloud

IT Cloud is a set of a certain number of IT resources hosted in the infrastructure of a cloud provider. The cloud may include network devices, servers, disk drives, communication channels, and a variety of software. The main task of the cloud is to transfer access to information stored in cloud storage and provide virtual hardware capacities.

The cloud can be private, public, or hybrid. If the IT infrastructure is provided as a public cloud, all users can access it. Only employees of a certain enterprise get access to the private cloud, using it to solve internal business problems.
Hybrid clouds combine both private and public resources. In this version, you can combine the use of public cloud resources, for example, when the limits of the private one have ended.

The main advantage of using the cloud is the ability to organize data, provide them with reliable protection, safety (thanks to automatic backup), as well as quick access and scaling of the IT infrastructure.

Virtual infrastructure in the cloud

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Financial benefit

In most cases, the introduction into the company and the use of the cloud is financially beneficial, since renting remote IT resources will cost the enterprise much cheaper than buying equipment, connecting it to a single network and further configuration, maintenance, modernization.

If an ordinary PC or laptop “becomes obsolete” after an average of 5 years, then the opportunities provided by cloud IT resources will always be enough to solve any business problems, because the company providing such services is engaged in maintenance and upgrade of equipment.

The flexible tariff schedule offered by any company that offers rental of IT resources allows you to flexibly choose the characteristics of hardware and a set of software required by a particular company.

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