Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected physical devices equipped with sensors, software, and network connectivity that allow objects to collect, share, and act on data.

At its core (IoT) is a concept in which devices, regardless of their nature or functions, are interconnected via the Internet. This interconnection allows them to communicate, share data and automate processes, thereby increasing the productivity of various processes and people’s standard of living.

Advantages of IoT

Improving efficiency. IoT devices are capable of automating a wide range of tasks, from adjusting indoor lighting to rationalizing production at the factory, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Improved data collection. IoT allows organizations to collect extensive data about their activities, which gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions and improve their business processes.

Improved customer experience. By contributing to the personalization of the experience, IoT can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

The use of IoT in various industries

Smart homes. IoT-enabled devices, such as thermostats, can autonomously regulate room temperature, ensure timely activation of underfloor heating and automate the switching off of lights.

Healthcare. Innovative devices such as intelligent pacemakers and fitness trackers allow you to monitor the health of patients in real time and adjust their treatment regimens.

Transport. IoT devices can track vehicles, monitor traffic congestion, adjust public transport schedules, thereby increasing the efficiency of transport systems.

Production. IoT devices can monitor the operation of equipment in enterprises, monitor the content of harmful substances in the room and signal accidents. This increases the safety of production in general and employees in particular.

Smart cities. Cities of the future will be able to use IoT for traffic control, waste management and energy optimization, thereby creating sustainable and efficient urban ecosystems.

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