A hacker is a person who uses technical knowledge and skills to gain unauthorized access to IT systems, networks, or confidential information. Hackers are engaged in stealing confidential data or harming affected systems. However, some of them may use their skills for ethical purposes.

Hacking has been around since the advent of computers and the Internet. Hackers’ methods have evolved as technology has evolved. Most often, they use phishing, malware, and exploiting vulnerabilities in software and hardware. Cybercrime is a serious problem for users all over the world. Hackers can cause damage to both individuals and organizations. The loss of personal data, financial information and confidential business information can lead to large financial and reputational losses.

Despite the above, there are also ethical hackers who use their skills for good. Ethical hackers are called “hackers in white hats.” These specialists use their skills to identify and eliminate weaknesses in the security of computer systems and networks. Companies hire them to test their security systems and identify potential vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

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