FC (Fibre Channel) is a high—speed network technology used mainly for organizing data storage networks. FC is characterized by flexibility over distance and high data transfer rates, which makes it a popular choice for SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure.

FC Mechanics
FC provides communication between storage devices and servers in a network topology. It can support point-to-point, switching and loop configurations, which allows it to be adapted to various network structures. To organize a high-speed network, FC uses a set of protocols that allow data transmission at speeds from 133 Mbit/s to 128 Gbit/s.

FC in comparison with traditional network technologies
Unlike traditional network technologies, which can be limited by distance and speed, FC is a high-speed, reliable and scalable solution for organizing storage networks.

FC’s role in data transmission
FC plays an important role in data transmission, especially in environments where high-speed data transmission is required. The technology is a reliable solution for connecting servers and storage devices, providing fast and reliable access to stored data.

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