The FAS8200 from NetApp is a hybrid corporate storage system with 99% availability and support for the information compression algorithm in the background (INLINE COMPRESSION/COMPRESSION/DEDUPLICATION). Thanks to this feature, the FAS8200 allows you to significantly increase the effective amount of storage space. NetApp FAS8200 is designed for use in medium- and large-scale corporations, where IT infrastructure costs are minimal and functionality requirements are high.

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General data on the FAS8200 array

Modern businesses are more than demanding of the IT infrastructure, especially in terms of information storage. In addition to fault tolerance, scalability and high returns for every ruble invested in them, storage systems should simply integrate with clouds and be supported by flash technologies, easily connect to SAN and NAS, and simply be managed even by non-specialists in the field of storage systems.

The FAS8200 NetApp storage system meets all the requirements described above. Plus, the solution is designed for fast-growing companies and provides them with high performance application software with 50% budget savings on IT.

Key advantages of the FAS8200 array

NetApp FAS8200 hardware is running the ONTAP system software, which provides a rich set of information management functionality. ONTAP OS unifies data management and storage management in SAN and NAS environments, implementing secure and transparent data transit between systems (clusters) and clouds using various protocols.

By connecting the FAS8200 with the all-flash flash system, you can create clusters that allow integration with cloud systems. If necessary, you can transfer data between different media (mechanical SAS/SATA disks, SSD SAS/NVMe flash drives), between clusters at different sites directly or through the cloud.

Such integration allows the storage system to place data in a configuration that provides an optimal ratio of storage capacity, flash memory performance and efficiency in terms of financial costs and data access speed.

On 2 systems with flash memory, the application software can work 50% more efficiently if compared with the storage of previous generations on mechanical disks. Latency is also reduced and the throughput of such systems is expanded.

The standard configuration of each pair of controllers has 2TB of built-in NVMe-based Flash Cache, which, if necessary, can be increased to 4TB NVMe Flash Cache and up to 48 TB of flash memory (for each pair of controllers).

The main advantage and difference of this system from similar storage systems is the availability of 99% and higher: you can update the firmware, install a patch or OS update, repair with replacement of components or maintenance without downtime.

NetApp FAS8200 is able to provide an exceptionally high degree of information protection when it comes as part of the NetApp MetroCluster software solution, with which you can perform mirroring between different platforms.

Technical specifications of the FAS8200

The NetApp FAS8200 solution has impressive technical characteristics, including:

  • The maximum number of connected SSD/HDD drives is 2880/5760 for 12 and 1440/2880 for 6 high availability controller pairs (HA-pairs).
  • The maximum size of the “raw” disk space for data storage is 176256 TB on a cluster of 12 (NAS) or 88128 TB on a cluster of 6 (SAN) pairs of controllers (HA-pairs).
  • The maximum amount of built-in physical flash memory Flash Cache NVMe is 48 TB (12 pairs of controllers), 24 TB (6 pairs of controllers).
  • The maximum amount of physical memory on 12 pairs of controllers is 3072 GB or 1536 GB on 6 pairs.
  • The maximum size of the Flash Pool on 12 pairs of controllers is 576 TB or 288 TB on 6 pairs.
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