NetApp’s FAS2700 is a series of hybrid storage systems that demonstrate maximum performance and efficiency in NAS/SAN environments.

The main difference between the FAS2700 series and other systems in the series is that they provide the user with a larger storage volume (by about 30%) than other systems of their line (class) and the same price segment.

The FAS2700 solution is recommended for use in enterprises of any scale that have problems with financing in IT infrastructure associated with an “explosive” increase in loads and increased requirements for the amount of space for storing information.

Features and Benefits of FAS2700

NetApp FAS2700 series storage systems are scalable due to the simple addition of nodes, and also allow you to create large NAS installations, as they support up to 20 PB of data in one volume and work with 400 billion files without reducing performance.

You can use NetApp FAS2700 as:

  • local data storage system of the virtual server infrastructure;
  • the most productive storage for creating and storing D2D backups (disk-disk);
  • Storage for working with information from corporate application software (MS Exchange and SharePoint, MS SQL Server, etc.).

The NetApp FAS2700 system is a universal modular solution. It belongs to the initial level in the FAS (Fabric Attached Storage) series from NetApp. The end user is provided in two versions: FAS2750 and FAS2720, which differ in the form factors of plug-in drives mounted on the controller chassis.

Regardless of the modification as standard, the FAS2700 comes with a free Cluster Mode cluster license, thanks to which you can scale the system not only by adding new shelves with disks, but also by expanding the cluster with additional controllers.

NetApp systems of the FAS2700 line stand out:

  • high profitability;
  • maximum flexibility in terms of interface selection;
  • the possibility of simple replacement of individual nodes;
  • perfect scaling.

Main Features

Structurally, the FAS2700 family storage is made in a 2U high enclosure. On its back (depending on the specific modification) there are connectors into which 1 or 2 controllers with data access interfaces are installed.

The two-controller storage configuration is a cluster HA-pair in a single chassis with increased fault tolerance. It ensures the smooth operation of the equipment even in emergency situations (for example, if one of the controllers fails and it needs to be replaced).

Each controller has a built-in Flash Cache module based on NVMe technology, providing additional cache memory, which allows faster processing and access to information.

The FAS2700 storage line has unified UTA2 (Unified Target Adapter) ports, which currently have no analogues on the market. They allow you to configure interfaces to work with any of the technologies:

  • 10GB FCoE;
  • 8 or 16 FC;
  • 10/1 GB Ethernet/iSCSI (Optical);
  • 1 GB Ethernet/iSCSI (copper).

All of the above is implemented by connecting the appropriate SFP modules to the system. At the same time, there is no need to replace the controllers.

The FAS2700 series devices provide the ability to quickly expand storage space without interrupting data access by adding shelves for disks. The maximum storage capacity of this series can be expanded to 144 drives (HDD, SSD).

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