DSS, or Decision Support System, is a computer system that assists in the adoption of business or organizational data collection and analytics methods. Decision support systems (DSS) can be either fully computerized, human-controlled, or using a hybrid method. Thanks to technological progress, DSS can be easily installed into any computer system.

DSS allows you to make more informed decisions, solve problems quickly and improve the efficiency of planning and process management in corporations. The actions taken with the help of the decision support system save time and the number of employees of the corporation, as well as neutralize the human factor in risk assessment.

Working with DSS

The decision support system is often used for operations and department management, forecasting, and data synthesis. DSS allows complex calculations to be performed accurately and quickly by integrating multiple variables and generating multiple likely results. DSS can be applied in any professional field, including medicine, agriculture and corporate business processes.

DSS is often used to present data to the customer in a simple and understandable format, since the decision support system can graphically output data.

Advantages of using DSS

Due to the fact that decision support systems (DSS) analyze and synthesize large amounts of information, this technology allows:

  • create reports;
  • predict revenue or sales;
  • to carry out inventory management.

At the same time, DSS is able to offer a variety of solutions and build complex forecasts based on previous and current company data.

Using a Decision support system (DSS) has many advantages for large organizations:

  • provides assistance in making complex informed decisions;
  • allows you to get various forecasts, saving human resources;
  • flexibly creates the reports needed by clients.
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