A developer is an IT specialist whose task is to create software, a website, or an application. The developer’s goal is to turn the customer’s terms of reference into a working computer program.

Every company that wants to create its own IT product, launch or modify a website, or release its own game needs a developer. The developer does not work on particularly difficult tasks independently, but in a team.

Frontend and backend development

The frontend developer creates what the user can see on the site: a drop-down menu, navigation, or the location of images on the page. The task of the frontend is to facilitate user interaction with the site.

A backend developer, on the contrary, specializes in working with the structure of a web page. Backends are responsible for creating databases and site operations on the server, which ensures the existence of the interface.

Developer competencies

In each field of development, specialists have their own unique set of knowledge and qualities. But almost everyone needs skills such as:

  • excellent knowledge of programming languages — for example, CSS, HTML and JavaScript for frontend specialists, Java, Python and Ruby for backends;
  • high communication skills, as development is often a team effort;
  • creativity and analytical thinking for implementation.
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