Database security

Database security is a set of measures to protect databases from threats, attacks and unauthorized access by cybercriminals. Thanks to these measures, business and the state can preserve the confidentiality and integrity of information, prevent information security incidents and reliably protect data from leaks.

The main threats to databases

Data breach. Unauthorized persons, such as cybercriminals, gain unauthorized access to the database and steal data for their own selfish purposes.

SQL Injection. The introduction of malicious SQL code into the DBMS, which can make queries in the database, read and write local files and execute commands.

Denial of service attacks (DDoS). The purpose of the attack is to make the database inaccessible to users, for example, by using a huge number of requests to the site.

Insider threats. Information leakage from authorized users. It may be caused by employee dissatisfaction, error, or negligence.

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