Cisco is an international company founded in 1984 that manufactures network equipment. Cisco is now a leading supplier of routers, network and telecommunications equipment.

Back in 1997, the Cisco Network Academy, or NetAcad, was founded, which is now distributed in more than 150 countries. In addition, there is a special Cisco Networking Academy integrated e-learning program, which includes web content, online assessment and monitoring of academic performance, as well as preparation for certification according to industry standards.

Cisco Unified Computing

The Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) infrastructure used by the company allows you to economically spend the resources necessary to ensure the functioning of devices and their administration.

The system is used to optimize the processes of virtual infrastructures that support infrastructure systems, such as FlexPod and Vblock.

The advantages (Cisco UCS) include:

  • optimization of the system by combining network layers;
  • constant updating and modernization of the range of services;
  • implementation of programming based on individual profiles;
  • automation of administrative functions;
  • flexible individual configuration of servers and input resources;
  • quick setup of Cisco UCS Director.

In addition, Cisco UCS can deploy applications not only in a virtual environment, but also in a traditional one.

What Cisco produces

Cisco’s operating systems and routers set the quality standards in the IT market. The company is a leading global manufacturer of network equipment, including:

  • routers;
  • frame switches and ATM switches;
  • remote access servers;
  • software used for network management;
  • ensuring cybersecurity.

In 2009, a deal was carried out, as a result of which Cisco acquired Pure Digital Technologies. This was done to work on connecting video cameras to the Internet to simplify and expand user access to video content.

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