Cisco UCS C-Series

Cisco UCS C Series rack servers can be used as full-fledged stand-alone machines or integrated into Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System). If the first option is selected, the servers will be controlled using the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) built into the server.

The C-Series model range is characterized by high bandwidth, a large maximum supported amount of RAM, as well as a sufficient amount of disk space inside to store various information.

Cisco UCS C-series servers also allow you to adjust the power of the power supply, which makes it possible to save a lot on energy costs, as well as set traffic priority rules.

Cisco USC C-Series Universal Server Solutions

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Cisco UCS C-Series Features

The main features of the C-series servers are as follows:

  • the presence of a built-in CIMC management controller (Cisco Integrated Management Controller), which allows you to organize effective remote server management with support for a mouse, keyboard, drive for reading ISO images of Virtual CDs/DVDs, etc.;
  • a virtualized VIC network adapter (Cisco Virtual Interface Card), featuring unified network policies that are ideal for virtual machines;
  • it is possible to work under the control of Cisco UCS Manager in a unified factory with other Cisco UCS B and C-series servers;
  • improved performance, confirmed by many world tests and records.

Advantages of the Cisco UCS C-Series server line

Among all the positive aspects of the Cisco UCS C-Series, the following can be distinguished:

  • a wide choice for businesses of any scale and level;
  • provides the user with more local storage resources than in blades;
  • significantly greater possibilities for expansion through PCI-E and GPU slots;
  • the ability to integrate into a single Cisco UCS Manager management domain together with blades.
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