Cisco Intersight

Cisco Intersight is a powerful infrastructure management platform that is provided to the end user as a service. This platform is used for analytics of both third-party IT infrastructure and Cisco devices.

With Cisco Intersight, you can set up real-time automation, which will adjust and optimize the resources of the IT infrastructure in order to obtain the maximum stability and performance of mission-critical programs.

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The basis of Cisco Intersight is the SaaS model, implemented as a platform for managing systems using various modern functions. Thanks to an extensive set of analytical tools and schemes for automating certain processes in the network, it is possible to simplify the execution of applications, optimize the tasks that need to be performed every day.

The platform allows companies to use a multifunctional management system with which they can automate, simplify and facilitate the configuration of the infrastructure to work in optimal performance and availability modes, which would be extremely difficult if using tools of any old class.

As the complexity of the IT infrastructure is constantly growing, management processes are becoming more complicated along with it. User data is often distributed between the data center and the cloud. By transferring management to the cloud, you can get a lot of advantages and additional features.


Cisco Intersight has a lot of features and advantages compared to similar technologies:

  • It features a dynamic user interface with role-based management and permissions.The platform has a machine learning system that makes it possible to significantly simplify the execution of any routine tasks.
  • Provides the end user with the opportunity to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) several times and accelerate software development for the effective implementation of new business initiatives.
  • The SaaS (software as a service) model greatly simplifies the maintenance of networks, data centers and remote sites. In addition, the Cisco Intersight platform scales perfectly.
  • The platform supports different deployment options (virtual device or SaaS), which allows the customer to choose the resources offered by Cisco. This allows you to comply with the company’s data protection directives.
  • By putting Cisco Intersight’s recommendation mechanisms into practice, network administrators will also have access to real-time analytics.


Cisco Intersight has a number of important advantages:

  • simple centralized management;
  • scalability;
  • the ability to tunnel access sessions to managed objects without direct access to them over a local network;
  • many ready-made profiles for servers;
  • cloning profiles for operational server preparation;
  • ensuring consistency and troubleshooting issues within the system;
  • global search for operational recognition and identification of systems;
  • monitoring of data center events, including warnings and accidents;
  • Software version tracking and management;
  • automatic notifications about errors that have occurred;
  • availability of a RESTful API that supports the OAS Open Programming Interfaces (Open API) standard;
  • full programmability and deep system integration;
  • access to updates and the latest versions of Cisco software.
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