Bitbucket is a web service for collaborative project development, as well as hosting and support. A direct competitor to Github, but with some differences.

The main difference is the availability of a free private repository for up to five people per project. The product is aimed at small and closed development teams.

The second important difference is the scheme for providing access to private repositories. It will be free for a team of up to five people. In other cases, the cost is calculated individually.

To date, the service does not have multi-factor authentication, there is no built-in debugger and code editor. In the future, the creators plan to add many other features to make it easier for users.


Bitbucket has several differences compared to Github:

  • Unlimited number of public repositories for developers.
  • If the team consists of no more than five people, then private repositories will also be free in unlimited quantities. If the limit is increased, the team will be charged from $ 10 to $200 per month.
  • The limit per repository is 2 Gb.
  • Reliability. Disk resources are accessed via HTTPS and SSH protocols.
  • It has built-in integration with many popular services Google Analytics, Twitter, Jira, etc.
  • Backups are stored in the Bitbucket cloud. Users set up the backup scheduler on their own.
  • Automatic assembly and testing inside the software are available using the Bitbucket Pipelines service.
  • The presence of its own wikipedia and error accounting system for each repository. If necessary, you can turn it off.
  • When creating an account on a web hosting, it is linked to its own domain.

Bitbucket has fewer users compared to Github, but it is convenient and cost-effective for small development teams. Having your own cloud and secure access to it via HTTPS and SSH protocols makes the service reliable and convenient.

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