AFF A800

The AFF A800 from NetApp is the most senior data storage system in the All Flash FAS model range, which runs exclusively on SSD drives and is characterized by the highest performance. It differs from representatives of devices of the same class on the market in support of all modern popular connection interfaces: NVMe over FC on 16 or 32 GB; native FCP on 8/16/32 GB; Ethernet and iSCSI on 10, 25, 40 and 100 GB.

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Positioning and advantages of the AFF A800

The NetApp AFF A800 solution is positioned in the enterprise segment with the highest performance and data access requirements in SAN/NAS environments. The AFF A800 provides an extremely high density of information placement on drives — the maximum supported volume of an individual SSD drive is 15.3 TB. It also has the highest fault tolerance and performance in its class.

Among other important features of the AFF A800:

  • One HA-pair provides 1.3 million IOPS of random IOPS reading (input/output operations per second) with a delay of only 500 microseconds.
  • At full load on the system, it operates with a minimum delay of 200 microseconds.
  • Provides a data reading speed of 34 GB/sec per HA-pair (with NVMe-over-FC).
  • Provides data reading speed of 25 GB/sec for 2 controllers (with NFS).
  • Allows you to implement 11.4 M (million) IOPS on a cluster of 24 nodes in the NAS variant.
  • It has a maximum data read speed of 300 GB/sec on a cluster of 24 nodes using a NAS.

ONTAP System Manager Embedded Software

The AFF A800 system is provided to the user with the standard ONTAP System Manager software installed to solve basic tasks, and also provides tools:

  • SyncMirror — allows replication by mirroring at the RAID level.
  • Snapshot — instant creation of snapshots of the file system.
  • SnapMirror — provides automatic synchronous or asynchronous replication.
  • Thin provisioning is a technique for allocating storage space not immediately when creating a disk, but as the application data needs it.
  • FlexClone — instant creation of virtual database backups without using virtual machines.
  • MultiStore — virtualization for more comfortable work with the data storage system.
  • Standard Data ONTAP — provides data compression and deduplication.
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