Mobilelink announced partnership with ITGLOBAL.COM
Mobilelink announced partnership with ITGLOBAL.COM

ITGLOBAL.COM and Mobilelink announced a partnership. The partnership enables Mobilelink customers to access an enterprise-level portfolio of cloud services under IAASHUB brand.

Mobilelink was founded in 2019 and offers global telecommunications services, applying its different communication channels to its Inbound Marketing campaigns, such as Massive SMS campaigns, Massive email campaigns, advertising campaigns on social networks.. Mobilelink offers the service of “Georeferenced” Multichannel Marketing campaigns, where it allows their clients to reach their target segment directly and precisely.

As Mobilelink deals with small and medium business, with the help of partnership Mobilelink clients will have access to the world’s fastest cloud services and excellent customer service that ITGLOBAL.COM provides worldwide. By choosing ITGLOBAL.COM as their cloud service provider, Mobilelink clients will have 24/7 customer service, 99,9% availability guaranteed by SLA, predictable billing for active services only, and a friendly designed platform.

“Adding a new division to my company is an important and necessary step. We understand that the future belongs to cloud technologies . And we are pleased that resilient clouds powered by technologies from leading global vendors are now available to businesses in Chile. We’ll offer each client reliability and confidence in the IT-component of his business.”, says Juan Pablo Miranda, Mobilelink owner

“We carefully select partners in the region. And we are glad to let local companies get the best from the cloud with the help of Mobilelink ”, notes Marina Ionova, ITGLOBAL.COM Partner Account Director.

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