ITGLOBAL.COM: Supporting our Customers, Partners and Communities
ITGLOBAL.COM: Supporting our Customers, Partners and Communities

To our Customers and Partners

ITGLOBAL.COM is an international company with offices all over the world, and our team doesn’t support military or violent actions in any way.

Moreover, we see our mission in development of IT solutions and services that are designed to unite people and improve their communication.

The more disunity there is in the world, the more important it is for us to maintain cohesion within the professional community, as well as to direct all our efforts to provide quality services, support business, and create innovative IT products that allow us to solve any problems peacefully.

We understand the difficulties that people who were forced to leave their home country are facing at the moment, and we are ready to employ as many professionals with IT qualifications as possible.

Please send your CV with a cover letter to us at hr@itglobal.com

We believe that a reasonable solution will be found soon and IT specialists from all over the world will be able to share their knowledge, continue to use products and services without any restrictions.

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