ITGLOBAL.COM has announced the partnership with Central American telecom provider Yota de Nicaragua
ITGLOBAL.COM has announced the partnership with Central American telecom provider Yota de Nicaragua

Expanding its portfolio of corporate segment services, Yota de Nicaragua has signed the contract with the European, and international cloud services provider ITGLOBAL.COM on a partnership basis. The partnership will see the two companies work in collaboration with one another to provide a better service for clients.

White Label’s partnership program allows either offering ready-made solutions, or the opportunity of creating bespoke ones, under their partners’ own brands. Yota de Nicaragua is a telecom provider within the Central American Internet market. The company’s main occupation is to provide Internet access to individual customers, and business entities via radio frequency links. The total number of active subscribers is around 20,000. Yota de Nicaragua strives to enrich its services portfolio – as well as offer a high quality service; therefore, Yota de Nicaragua carefully select their strategic partners. When it became clear that the local market was ready for virtual services, including IaaS, Yota de Nicaragua acted quickly and decided to add these services into the portfolio, and started looking for a reliable provider to bolster their offering to clients. The selection of ITGLOBAL.COM was not coincidental.

The companies have been cooperating since 2018, in the framework of network modernization. Under the agreement, Yota de Nicaragua will be able to offer its customers, and partners self-branded projects with the placement of their IT infrastructure at ITGLOBAL.COM cloud Data Center.

This will allow customers to substantially lower the initial cost of projects eliminating the costs of licences and hardware. The customers get access to a cloud built in line with the world’s best practices, offering them a 99,9% availability of service. When renting IaaS, both configuration, and volume of virtual resources can be modified fast, with no limitations. This is one of the main advantages of a cloud infrastructure over an on-premises model, where modernization requires both financial and time investment. Scaling of virtual resources is available upon request, it is done in negotiated volumes, with no delay.

«Partnership with ITGLOBAL.COM will make us able to provide “turnkey” solutions for the entire Central America – in the form of very competitive tariff plans available for all companies, entrepreneurs and entities that need a variety of solutions», says Yota de Nicaragua Chief Commercial Officer Ulises Cruz.

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