ITGLOBAL.COM and VAS Experts present Stingray Service Gateway, proprietary complex solution for telecom operators, at the Conecta LATAM conference
ITGLOBAL.COM and VAS Experts present Stingray Service Gateway, proprietary complex solution for telecom operators, at the Conecta LATAM conference

Conecta LATAM, the largest telecom industry conference in South America, took place on November 18th and 19th in an online format. The summit involved over 1,000 representatives of various companies throughout the region, including leading telecom providers, such as Claro, Telefonica and AT&T.

Stingray Service Gateway premiere

ITGLOBAL.COM and VAS Experts, a local vendor, presented Stingray Service Gateway, a complex solution for telecom operators. Singray SG combines four functions into one: it’s a router, a deep packet inspection (DPI) tool, a broadband network gateway (BNG), and a network address translation (NAT) server. This versatility lets operators build a more compact network, and lower scaling and managing costs by more than 25%.

In addition to Stingray SG, ITGLOBAL.COM presented its White Label partner program to our Latin American colleagues. Under this program, ITGLOBAL.COM partners get turnkey cloud infrastructure based on the vStack virtualization platform. After joining White Label, telecom operators can sell IaaS under their own brand.

According to our survey conducted during the conference, the topics the participants found to be the most interesting were:

  • the development of 5G and IoT in the region;
  • digital transformation;
  • new growth models for the telecom industry.

Vasiliy Belov, ITGLOBAL.COM deputy CEO:

“We were thrilled to take part in one of the most important events for the telecom industry in the South American region. Right now, telecom is growing by leaps and bounds in South America. It’s a very promising market for integrators that can present genuinely innovative products. So we were happy to show Stingray SG specifically at Conecta LATAM. This was the first time the solution got officially presented to the public.

I think that you can’t overestimate the value of products like Stingray SG given the current growth of mobile traffic, including 5G. Just look at how interested our Latin American colleagues were in its capabilities.”

About the event

Conecta LATAM is the largest telecom operator conference in South America that has been running annually since its inception in 2003. This year’s conference included companies from over 20 countries, including those from other regions. The virtual event included over 80 speakers.

The conference organizers note that despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, telecom operators found new opportunities for qualitative growth in this new environment. The top priority for operators in 2021 is to move away from the traditional telecom business model, and transform from communication service suppliers into relevant digital service suppliers.

Stingray Service Gateway

Stingray SG is a software product developed by VAS Experts. The solution is designed for internet service providers, IPTV providers, and other telecom companies. The key platform functions are deep packet inspection and traffic classification on L2-L7 OSI levels. The platform is used to:

  • filter sites according to a blacklist;
  • prioritize traffic and increase the quality of service provided to clients;
  • migrate to IPv6 in a planned and timely manner;
  • protect the network against DDoS and BotNet attacks;
  • profile the client base and run marketing campaigns;
  • build a transparent and scalable telecom operator network.
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