Information security outsourcing

Information security risk management
Building information security processes
Reducing the cost of information security
Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation

Outsourcing of information security allows you to transfer it to operational management ITGLOBAL.COM Secure the protection of your information, thereby freeing up resources for the main business processes

The Service is based on the methodology of information security risk management. Based on our expertise and experience, we build and manage information security processes that are really necessary to protect your data.

The result of the service is the continuous provision of information security of the Company.  

When a service is needed

I want to think only about business

For companies wishing to focus on their core business, shifting the functions of information security to an external provider

There are no resources on IB

For companies that do not have the opportunity to do IB inhouse

The level of maturity of the IB is insufficient

When the level of information security does not meet the needs of the business

What processes do we manage

Access control

Account protection and prevention of unauthorized access to confidential information

Network protection

Protection against threats related to interception, modification and interference with transmitted data

Monitoring of information security events

Centralized collection of information security events in order to detect and prevent information security incidents

Vulnerability Management

Rapid identification and elimination of component vulnerabilities IT infrastructure

Incident Management

Prompt response and elimination of consequences of IB incidents

Asset management of the Company

Control and accounting of all assets to ensure the security of each of them

By means of information protection

Control of the configuration of the SPI and prompt response to their messages
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Information security outsourcing
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Outsourcing of processes together
with the SOC Service

Allows you to minimize some of the information security risks as much as possible
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What the client gets

Guaranteed level of service according to SLA

Lack of dependence on key employees

Continuity of information security processes

The ability to quickly scale information security processes

Reduction of financial and reputational risks

Compliance with regulatory requirements (187-FZ, 152-FZ, GOST R 57580 and the Regulations of the Central Bank)

What regulatory requirements do we help meet

  • FZ-187 “About the CUE”
  • FZ-152 “On PD”
  • FZ-98 “On Trade Secrets”
  • FZ-149 “On Information Protection”
  • GOST R 57580.1-2017
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 638-P/719-P/802-P/742-P/757-P and others

How the service is provided


Conducting an audit

  • Conducting interviews with business process owners responsible for information security and IT
  • Analysis of the information received during the interview
  • Conducting an IB risk assessment
  • Formation of a long-term Development Plan or Strategy

Implementation of information security processes

  • Collecting information about IT infrastructure components, auditing their security settings
  • Designing each IB process within the Deming cycle
  • Development of standards for the configuration of IT infrastructure components
  • Revision of the existing information security documentation
  • Development of templates/registries/logs within each process
Upon completion of the implementation of the information security process, we take it on support and at the same time start work on the implementation of the following process

Support of information security processes

  • Documentary support of each process
  • Coordination of actions with the components of each process
  • Responding to notifications from the SPI
  • Continuous monitoring of the process

Control of information security processes

  • Carrying out control measures within the framework of information security processes
  • Fixing the detected violations during the control measures

Improving information security processes

Development of recommendations for the elimination of violations identified at the control stage
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Information security outsourcing
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Information security outsourcing
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